Dorian Ford

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30-03-2019London Electric BluesVortex Downstairs
23-02-2019London Electric BluesVortex Downstairs
22-02-2019Live SalonSketch Club
15-02-2019Ian Shaw Ziggys
01-02-2019DuoTumnan Thai
26-01-2019Gainsbourg ConfidentialCrazy Coqs
26-01-2019London Electric BluesVortex Downstairs
25-01-2019Gainsbourg ConfidentialCrazy Coqs
24-01-2019Gainsbourg ConfidentialCrazy Coqs
18-01-2019Solo pianoTumnan Thai
04-12-2018Without Words TrioBurgh House
19-05-2018Hellenes Music Festival
05-04-2018Tribute to Serge Gainsbourg with Jean de TallhouetJazz Cafe
30-03-2018Kamao TrioGreen Note
13-03-2018Solo Piano - Salon JapanBurgh House
08-03-2018David Ogily, Live SalonGarden Museum
07-03-2018Dorian Ford Quartet, feat. Vimala RoweMill Hill Jazz Club
23-02-2018Ian Shaw with Steve Taylor TrioZiggy’s
14-02-2018Frank Griffith, Valentine gigMill Hill Jazz Club
09-02-2018TrioThe Archduke
14-01-2018Without Words TrioMarket Harborough
06-12-2017To The Surface Tour Pitt Inn, Tokyo, Japan
05-12-2017To The Surface Tour Valentine Drive, Nagoya, Japan
04-12-2017To The Surface Tour Parker House Roll, Kyoto, Japan
03-12-2017To The Surface Tour Big Apple, Kobe, Japan

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Sat, 27th Apr 2019
London Electric Blues
The Vortex Downstairs

Thu, 2nd May 2019
Live Salon
The Polish Club

Fri, 3rd May 2019
Tumman Thai

Thu, 23rd May 2019
To The Surface II
Melbourne Recital Centre

Sat, 8th Jun 2019
Dorian Ford Trio
Brick Block, Japan