Album: Two-Fer

Two-fer: album artwork


Track List: To The Surface (to Tim Maguire)

  1. Warsaw Promises
  2. Marc’s Danse
  3. To The Surface
  4. Csik Says Flow
  5. Sparkle Moves (for Barbara Sparti)
  6. Fathers and Songs

Track List: First Date (to Adrienne Gaha)

  1. Calle Cruz (J. Phillips)
  2. The Dance (D. Ford/C. Grimes)
  3. Carnival Rain (J. Phillips)
  4. La Fille Aux Chevaux De Lin (C. Debussy)
  5. La Comparsa (traditional)
  6. Salvador (E. Gismonte)
  7. Thinking of You (D. Ford)

Performers: To The Surface

  • Dorian Ford
  • All compositions by Dorian Ford
  • Cover art from Kea by Tim Maguire

Performers: First Date

  • Dorian Ford (piano)
  • Johnny Phillips (guitar)
  • Seb Rochford (ghost drums)
  • Cover art from a painting by Adrienne Gaha

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