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Dorian Ford

Longjon la Flecha

Longjon La Flecha plays experimental-psychedelic-latin influenced music combined with on-stage "magic realism storytelling".
Dorian Ford

Sparky and Marky

Cutting edge retro and eclectic funk and jazz from four unique musicians. Each come with a fine track record. They play their favourite tunes and grooves from the songbooks of Bluenote, West-Coast Jazz Rock, British fusion, and even some nu-grass.

Dorian Ford

Bop School Trio/Quartet

Taking a line for a walk - the zen approach to neo-classicism. Lennie Tristano meets Morton Feldman. It is possible to treat a jazz standard by Charlie Parker as a piece of chamber music by Mozart. It is about clean lines and transparency of form, and requires refined technique, the aim being freedom of expression.
Dorian Ford

The Bill Game Trio

Regularly featured on JazzFM, and having packed out Ronnie Scott's this year, this trio is popular and has a strong London following. A personal tribute to the late Bill Evans, this trio evolved from an exercise in transcription (Dorian transcribed the whole of the Album How My Heart Sings, including bass and drum parts). Having memorised many of Bill's tunes, the trio is more than just a slavish recreation. The rigorous foundation has long ago been leapt from into improvised recreations of a masterful pianist's work.
Dorian Ford

Songs Trio

Songs trio have made two very popular recordings with the original line up of Dorian Ford (piano), Max de Wardener (bass), Iian Pattinson (drums) Playing 'songs' rather than 'standards' but as a jazz piano trio. The trio try to find the inner life inside the melody and structure of a classic song.
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Carol Grimes

Forthright, sensuous and defiantly independent singer who for over four decades has been one of the great British female vocalists.

There are few musical genres Carol has not inhabited and made her own, and her current quartet shuffles the musical deck in an artful, entertaining and thoroughly engaging way.