C.DAWN album (Carol Grimes)

A long time in the making, this live double album, was a family affair, with art work by Carol’s daughter Kasia, recording and mixing by my brother in law Jono Trott, and mastering by Carol’s long time friend, Mark Hewins, a regular feature on tour with Lou Reed.

C.DAWN was the name Carol came up with, representing all the members of the band: Carol Grimes, Dorian Ford, Annie Whitehead, Winston Clifford, and Neville Malcolm.

Featuring a beautiful written piece by old friend and collaborator, Ian Shaw, this album is a collection of what I think are some of Carol’s finest performances in the last couple of years.  It combines original songs by Carol, and by myself, alongside favourites from the repertoire: Oscar Brown Jnr, Nick Cave, Miles Davis, Joni Mitchell, and more.

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