Launching To The Surface at the London Jazz Festival 2015

To The Surface

Looking forward to presenting my collaboration with visual artist Tim Maguire.  We’ve made a DVD featuring his video art and my solo piano improvisations.  

This is my first solo piano recording since 2002, and so I’m supposed to say what is ‘new’ and ‘different’ about this recording in comparison.  Perhaps talk about how I’ve been influenced by developments in music and how my approach to improvising freely at the piano has changed with these developments.  And at the very least, if my appoach, conception and method have stayed the same, how my technique has evolved and so on.  

But what I really think I’m doing is playing so I can remember what is important.  Or remember what is important to me at any rate.

To The Surface will be performed with live piano improvisation and projected film from the DVD on November 22nd at St James Studio Theatre at 3pm.

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