New Solo Recording

This summer I was commissioned by the internationally renowned Australian artist Tim Maguire to record some solo improvisations for a film about his work.  

We had a great session on the piano at the St James Theatre, recorded by Tim’s son Max, who is also a young singer/songwriter I’ve had the pleasure of working with from time to time.  I was so pleased with the result, I’ll be releasing this as an album soon.  

Tim and I hope to release an audio/visual album of my improvisations, and his films.  It’s one of those rare collaborations where I think both the visual art work and the music enhance each other, bringing out the best in each other.  We had a fruitful session combining these at his studio in France.  Now we just need to be in the same country at the same time finalise the reproduction.  Watch this space.  

If you’d like to see Tim’s beautiful work, see here:


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